Dollywood - Venture South

Folks have preconceived notions about the South.

We decided to lean in to them.

Art Director: Sandra Alexander

Copywriter: James Halloran

Summer 2020 Circus Student Awards Show


Print Ads will be placed in travel and outdoor magazines.

Dollywood [print 1 of 3]
Dollywood [print 2 of 3]
Dollywood [print 3 of 3]

Billboards placed along routes leading to Tennessee

Barn sides will capture people driving through the countryside along the way to Dollywood.

We will replace traditional bus shelter seating with cozy, front porch swings to reinforce the relaxing nature of Southern culture. 

Front porch pop-up parklets will be placed in front of restaurants in Northern cities to reinforce the relaxing nature of Southern culture.

Social media would help us introduce folks to some southern slang.

Southern phrases will also be placed on drink coasters in bars and restaurants around the area, encouraging people to venture south to Dollywood.