The North Face - Expedition Ursa

The goal of the brief was to connect with women in their 20s and 30s. We did this by championing an underserved group: single mothers. 

 Copywriter: Jen Thrasher     Designer: Leah Hale

Art Director: Sandra Alexander


2020 Young One's Brief: Merit Award

Summer 2020 Circus Student Awards Show


Merit-Integrated Campaign

Name & Logo Design

The name Expedition Ursa is derived from Ursa Major, the great She-Bear in the sky. Through manipulating 

The North Face logo we show a mother bear protecting

her cub.  

Receipt holders used as in-store advertisements at North Face retailers.  

Out of home posters

North Face poster (1of3)
North Face poster (3of3)
North Face poster (2of3)

Promoted social posts


Expedition Ursa welcome boxes for nominated mothers and their children 


A microsite will be used to nominate mothers, finalize expedition information, and submit a form for wage reimbursement.

Attendees will be given an Expedition Ursa camping bundle at the end of the trip so they are able to return to the outdoors.